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The latest decoration case of 2021
Fashion decoration, perfect space for customization
300 flat decoration of office of Yudong health research and development center in Pudong

Shanghai office design case: an office space divided by light and shadow decoration, bright and creative. The combination of wood grain has a steady, streamlined lighting, simple and rich design of office decoration design cases.

Decoration of 700 flat Office of creative Internet technology of Zhangjiang

Office decoration case: ingenious office decoration and fun together to create an unexpected office environment with the theme of leisure and entertainment. This is a place to show vitality, is a fun office design and decoration style.

Jurou Bookstore

Project Name: talingtong soul Bookstore Project address: no.5999 Chuansha Road, Pudong District, Shanghai From the plane to the space, we have different perspec

Qunyue business consulting (Shanghai) office decoration

Real case of office building decoration design: the designer hopes to create a simple, elegant and fashionable office space design environment for enterprise office decoration, so that people can stay in it, feel comfortable physically and mentally, and put all the pressure in a pure and balanced atmosphere

Office decoration case of Shanghai Yonghe Co., Ltd

Office decoration company case: in the overall office space design, atmosphere and detail coexist, combining design and art. Show the office design case of both rigid and flexible, beautiful and practical. So that the office space has a "temperature", with layers of "temperature" around.

Decoration of Shanghai wisdom tree education and Technology Development Office

Office decoration company case appreciation: "understand space, understand office more", as a new ecological provider of innovative office design, is committed to diversified research and development of office formats. The design of the office space is presented in a rectangular outline, with a U-shaped enclosure and a long side.

Shanghai Dongtu Fashion Design Co., Ltd

A touch of Oriental Zen elements, the complex into simple, alone in a corner, light tea fragrance, quiet mood, everything becomes Zen.

Hongcheng Technology Development Co., Ltd

The transformation of space extends from the existing interior environment. A leisurely life begins with the attitude on the desk. The harmonious indoor environment creates a unique synergistic effect under the interaction with nature, promotes a close working relationship, and devotes more enthusiasm to work, which can help us live a carefree life.

Shanghai Financial Sharing Technology Co., Ltd

The charm of design is often trying to break the boundaries and inherent limitations, let the space appear more possibilities and interesting, so that people in the space try different experiences. The dialogue between people and space creates different space feelings, which may be the value of designers.

Shanghai Ruixiang Financial Investment Holding Co., Ltd

We use open office space to reshape the traditional daily work: open area for centralized discussion, enclosed space to create encounter and rapid cooperation, grid space to focus on, promote in-depth thinking, and more accurately grasp the balance between efficient office needs and daily psychological senses.

Design of Shanghai Raffles Hall

For designers, the effect presentation and use experience of each office space should be unique. Therefore, we are more from the architecture, from the architectural form, the characteristics of indoor space, combined with customer needs, brand attributes and other factors, unified from inside to outside, from outside to inside repeated reasoning, and strive to find out the "exclusive DNA" of each office space, to create a unique Office space experience.

Shanghai guosec Education Technology Co., Ltd

The space is designed to meet the company's new needs, and the office needs a solid, stable and mature space that is compatible with the partner's youth and vitality.

720 degree full view VR · dream decoration experience
Show the soul of style aesthetics, experience the design scheme and feel the real space
Fengshui public opinion
Office Geomancy Fengshui survey of restaurant Fengshui and other tooling decoration Geomancy consulting
Air conditioning transformation
Increase of air conditioning in office building decoration Air conditioning air outlet transformation Air conditioning design Install One stop maintenance
Furniture Customization
More than ten years focus on creating a simple office space decoration environment Office furniture customized office soft collocation
Fire fighting transformation
Assist in the fire approval process, and have a good relationship with the relevant units It can pass quickly
Health and energy saving
Strictly select E0 grade office decoration materials Selection of auxiliary materials space
Soft wear
Soft decoration of office decoration Office design soft decoration soft decoration Soft decoration of commercial space
Advertising design and production
Office decoration logo Frosting paste Curtains, etc
Weak current engineering
Office decoration generic cabling Computer room construction One stop solution of video conference system
Marketing Planning
Whole case design in tooling field Understand the operation of Shanghai tooling company
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Chengqi decoration design team
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Wang Huakang

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Excellent interior designer of Shanghai, registered senior interior designer of Shanghai, excellent designer of National Decoration Association in 2012, won the title of excellent designer of the year in 2015


experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Member of Korea Interior Designers Association, acdai interior designer in Asia, office design works have been published in professional books and other magazines

Wang Fan

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Acdai interior designer in Asia, registered interior designer of China Decoration Industry Association; Office design works have been published many times; Member of Shanghai Interior Designers Association.

Li tanjie

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Senior designer of Shanghai office decoration industry member of interior design branch of Chinese Architectural Society registered senior interior designer of China

Time crystal

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


He won the top office space design award in Shanghai, China, and the hand-painted Performance Award for office space decoration in China. He has been invited to participate in many TV design programs to record many sets of works

Li Xunian

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Senior interior architect of China Architectural Decoration Association and senior interior designer of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association participated in Shanghai office decoration industry forum in 2013.

Liu Xiaojing

experience:15 year

consulting:35 second


Honors:Member of China Interior Decoration Association, qualification certificate of China Architectural Decoration Association, registered member of China CIDI.

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